Graduation Catalogue


Graduation Catalogue ABKM  Get in touch/ Keep in touch
An edition printed in 5.000 copies 
Graduation catalogue for The Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. We have chosen the theme of connection for this catalogue because we all know that networking is very important for your career. We have deformed the typeface Fedra to a font with dots and lines which are connected to each other. Also, the covers of the books are interconnected. The word touch gets an extra meaning by giving it literally something you can feel with your hands.


We created two books:
Get in touch
This book shows all the main information about our school. Mostly for student who want to go study here in the future. That’s why we came up with ‘Get in touch’.


Keep in touch
This book shows all the work of the graduation students. We want to keep connected with those students and therefor we choose the title ‘Keep in touch’.

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